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Does Dry Eye Get Worse During The Winter?

Most people suffer from dry eyes at one point or another, and some have worse symptoms than others. The moisture balance in your eyes is a delicate thing, and it can get disrupted for any number of reasons. But, one of the most significant causes of dry eye is the surrounding climate. Dry air can… Read More


Could a Treatment like Prokera Work For Your Dry Eyes?

Most people who have suffered from severe dry eye symptoms for long enough will seek out any means to stop them. There are, in fact, many different ways that ophthalmologists can help patients overcome the disease, but one very effective treatment that you may not have heard of is PROKERA®.  Keep reading to find out… Read More


Get Relief For Your Dry Eyes Once and For All

Dry eye can mean different things for different people, although it is never pleasant. Regardless of the particular symptoms you experience, chronic dry eyes are uncomfortable. Dry eye syndrome is a condition that affects millions of people every year, and many people don’t even know they have it. Keep reading to learn how you can… Read More


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When Eye Drops Aren’t Enough For Dry Eyes

Do you reach for the eye drops whenever your eyes feel itchy and dry? Have you noticed that your eye drops aren’t providing as much relief as they should?  There are many reasons why you suffer from dry eyes and why your eye drops don’t help relieve them. Keep reading to learn why your eyes… Read More


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Are Dry Eyes Forever?

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, it can feel like there is no relief in sight. Having dry eyes can be painful. They can limit your vision. Dry, itchy, painful, and watery eyes can cause crusting around your eyelids that seem to last forever. Fortunately, there are treatment solutions for your dry eye symptoms…. Read More


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7 Things That Could Be Making Your Eyes Dry

Are your eyes dry and itchy? Are they uncomfortable and sensitive to bright lights? Dry eyes can be a symptom of seasonal allergies. If you suffer from dry eyes year round then you could have dry eye syndrome. When you have dry eye syndrome, there are certain factors that can make your symptoms worse. These… Read More


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What Is Really Causing My Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are very common. This condition often occurs when your eyes produce low-quality tears or not enough tears. Dealing with dry eyes can be uncomfortable. If your eyes sting or burn, you may have dry eyes. This can be made worse if you’re flying, near air conditioning, or if you spend a lot of… Read More


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How Does LipiFlow Treatment Work?

An astounding number of people all over the world suffer from dry eye syndrome every day. This means they are experiencing blurry vision and eyes that are uncomfortable, gritty, and itchy. They may even be in pain. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dry eyes can be stopped with the correct treatment plan…. Read More


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How Long Does Dry Eye Treatment Take To Work?

It is difficult to be patient when you are suffering from dry eyes. Constant itching and red, sore eyes are always begging for relief. Dry eye syndrome is something you can control, but it takes time. There’s no saying exactly how long as recovery always varies from patient to patient. How and when you recover… Read More


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Can Dry Eye Make Me A Bad LASIK Candidate?

Many people would agree that LASIK is the best form of vision correction on the market. This is in no small part due to the advances in technology that have made it safe, fast, reliable, and accessible. But as accessible as LASIK is, it simply is not for everyone. There is a long list of… Read More