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Are You a Good Candidate for the PanOptix Trifocal Lens?

The quality of your eyesight after cataract surgery depends on three factors. The factors are how well you prepare and recover, the skill of your surgeon, and which IOL you choose. You can assess and learn about all three of these factors during your cataract screening. During this screening, your eye doctor will discuss the… Read More


Want Better Vision? Consider a Refractive Vision Procedure!

When it comes to improving your vision, there is no shortage of choice. Glasses and contacts are classic ways to enhance your eyesight. They have stood the test of time, but they come with their own set of drawbacks. Both glasses and contacts are fragile, get lost easily, and are temporary. The only way to… Read More


What Are Premium IOLs and Why Should You Consider Them?

Cataracts grow in the lenses of your eyes as you get older, clouding your vision and causing vision loss. The only way to deal with them is by replacing your lenses through cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a fast and effective procedure that restores your eyesight even if cataracts have taken it. One of the… Read More


Is A Pterygium Contagious?

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then you likely know about the dangers of the sun. Too much exposure to UV radiation from the sun can lead to various cancers, sunburns, and sun poisoning. But did you know it can also lead to a plethora of eye problems? One of the most distinct… Read More


Why is Now the Best Time To Have LASIK?

LASIK is one of the best ways to achieve the vision of your dreams. It helps you lead a life free from the nuisances that glasses and contacts always seem to create. There are plenty of reasons to get LASIK and plenty of reasons why now is the perfect time for you to start planning… Read More


Are There Symptoms With Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a dangerous disease that can damage your eyesight before you know you have it. The most common glaucoma develops so slowly that it has earned the nickname the silent thief of sight. It has almost no symptoms and causes you to lose your sight over the years. This slow development makes it difficult… Read More


Get Relief For Your Dry Eyes Once and For All

Dry eye can mean different things for different people, although it is never pleasant. Regardless of the particular symptoms you experience, chronic dry eyes are uncomfortable. Dry eye syndrome is a condition that affects millions of people every year, and many people don’t even know they have it. Keep reading to learn how you can… Read More


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What are Eye Allergies?

People experience allergy symptoms in a variety of ways. Itchy skin, runny nose, and difficulty breathing are a few common allergic reactions. But what exactly is causing these problems? Allergies are your immune system’s response to potentially harmful foreign substances. It is not a disease but a wide range of conditions. Allergies are your body… Read More



How Does Damage to the Cornea Occur?

The cornea is a crucial structure of the eye that enables clear and consistent vision. This clear tissue located at the front of the eye has three layers, each with a distinct purpose. The outermost layer, the epithelium, is thin but acts as a barrier while also absorbing nutrients from tears. The middle layer, called… Read More


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Why Are Premium IOLs Worth It During Cataract Surgery?

The result of cataract surgery is you no longer have cataracts, and you have clear vision again. But how does it work? Why does cataract surgery fix your eyesight after cataracts have begun to take it away? Keep reading to learn more about cataract surgery and why you should consider premium IOLs when you get… Read More