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Toric IOL

 Toric Lens ImplantFor Cataract patients who have astigmatism, and who do not wish to wear eyeglasses to see clearly at a distance, choosing a Toric Lens Implant can help them be free of glasses for tasks such as driving, that require clear distance vision. Toric IOL technology uses biocompatible materials that have been successfully used in contact lenses and proven safe for the eye.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is more oval or football shaped instead of being a perfect sphere. The resulting vision is often blurry and distorted. Mild forms of astigmatism my not need correction, but the stronger the prescription gets, the more patients become dependent on glasses to see.

Toric Lens Implants do not correct Presbyopia, and therefore even with Toric Lens Implants to correct astigmatism after Cataract Surgery, most patients still require reading glasses or bifocals to be able to comfortably perform near vision tasks such as reading and intermediate vision tasks such as computer work.