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Monofocal IOL

If you are a patient and have cataracts in both eyes, Monofocol Intraocular lenses may provide the best result. A Monofocol IOL is used to provide the patient with a fixed focus for one distance. Our doctors here at Westlake Eye Specialist will work with you to decide what distance would be appropriate for you whether that be near focus, mid-distance focus, or distant focus. With a Monofocol IOL you are only able to choose one distance and the focus will not change after surgery. Traditional cataract surgery using a Monofocol IOL would give the patient focus for both eyes for distance and the patient would then use reading glasses to see near objects.

The majority of the patients we see here at Weslake Eye Specialists who choose to have Monofocol IOLs in both eyes choose distance and then use reading glasses to see objects near.