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KeratoconusKeratoconus is a non-infectious eye condition wherein an individual’s normally round cornea thins over time, developing into a cone shape. This irregularity progressively causes images to distort when projected onto the retina, resulting in impaired visual acuity. Keratoconus generally impacts both eyes, though one eye will often advance at a faster pace than the other.

Keratoconus has been reported to affect 1 in every 2,000 people and is often diagnosed in patients in their late teens, many having been unaware the keratoconus was what had been impacting their vision. Males, females, and all ethnicities are affected equally.

In its early stages, glasses or soft contact lenses may be used to effectively correct resulting visual problems and irregularities from mild keratoconus. As the cornea thins and develops into a more cone-like shape over time, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are often needed to provide a clear surface in front of the cornea, allowing the light rays to be projected clearly to the retina. For many years, this was the primary treatment option for keratoconus patients, until they eventually would require a corneal transplant procedure. New treatment options for keratoconus include Collagen Cross-Linking and Intacs.

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